Friday, June 6, 2014

The Structure and Style of the Untamed Series

Tors and I have been getting some questions about how the Untamed Series is structured, what makes it different from other serials, so I thought I'd take a moment to explain what we're doing with our series in The Brothers Wilde Collection.

First of all, we liken each book to an episode of your favorite TV drama--it tells a complete part of a continuing saga. The entire Untamed Series is NOT one book, one story. It is a SEASON of stories, giving you a greater glimpse into the lives of Dare Wilde and Reagan McKinley than you could ever get in a stand-alone novel. You are getting so much more of these characters in this serial format...which we specifically chose because we've found that our readers always want more. :-)

And while one book leads into the next, each one has a definite beginning, middle, and end. There is conflict, climax, and resolution in every single book--they are not simply pieces of a longer book chopped into shorter sections. Tors and I work very hard to create a completely satisfying story in each episode, taking our readers on a wild, roller-coaster ride of emotions that culminates in a wonderful moment of Ahh!...before we leave you hanging at the end, lol.

Yes, each one ends on a cliffhanger, just like TV shows often do, leaving viewers aching for the next episode. Who was it that said, "Always leave them wanting more"? They were totally right. :-P

Secondly, our books are considered short novels, at over 40,000 words. Each book is about 2/3 the length of a longer romance novel. So 5 episodes = 3.5 longer novels (costing about $4.25 each, in the end). 

Once the last episode is completed, we will be putting them all together into a boxed set for those readers who'd like to read the entire series at once. At this point we're not sure whether we will be making the boxed set into paperbacks. It's something we're considering. We haven't made each individual episode into singular physical books because it would be too expensive--too much money for too few pages because paper books are more expensive to make than digital ones. Of course, all 5 episodes bundled together would be about 900 pages long.

This series is also finite--our Untamed Season is 5 episodes long. No more, no less. So there is absolutely zero chance of you getting to the end of the last book and finding a to-be-continued ending. Reagan and Dare will get their happily every after in book five. And then we will move on to writing the Unbound Series, starring rock-star bad boy Dash Wilde, this fall. (And, oh my god, Tors and I are so excited about his season of stories!)

If you have more questions about this series or The Brothers Wilde Collection, be sure to check out our FAQ page. And if we haven't answered your question, ask away!


Happy Reading!
<3 Jins

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